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Pick-Up City is Your "Auto Salvage Supermarket"

  • Complete auto & truck recycling New arrivals daily
  • Free regional delivery Nationwide delivery by common carrier
  • Parts for any make or model Specialize in late model vehicles
  • Computerized Inventory Over 65,000 parts Complete "bumper to bumper" parts
  • All parts stored inside away from the elements
  • All parts specially cleaned and tested 30-90 day warranties
  • Nationwide satellite part locating network
  • All parts stored inside away from the elements in our unique auto and truck recycling warehouse




  • Your complete "bumper to bumper" auto & truck recycler
  • Specializing in late model cars and trucks with new arrivals daily
  • We have what you or your customer needs to get the job done!

We offer a complete line of "bumper to bumper" parts including engines, transmissions, axles, doors, bumpers, windshields, fenders, lights, front & rear clips, doors, seats, body panels plus more!

All parts are stored inside our modern facility away from rain, mud and outside elements like conventional "old fashioned" junk yards.

Your recycled automotive part is in as good as or better condition than the day it came to our automotive recycling facility.

It all starts by completely disassembling each vehicle piece by piece for proper assessment and cataloging into our over 65,000 part data base. Each part is examined, tested, and cleaned prior to cataloging in our state-of-the-art computer system.

We go beyond environmental standards by recycling and properly disposing of all fluids in an environmentally safe way. All fluids are recovered and recycled such as freon, coolant, oil, gasoline, and brake fluid. With over 78,000 SF of inside storage and warehousing space, you can be assured that the automotive part you need has been kept clean and dry.

Call us today and let us deliver automotive parts to you!


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